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  • What is asphalt reinforcement and why do I need it?
    Asphalt reinforcement is a product, usually a grid, geotextile or combination of both, installed into a pavement surface using a PMB emulsion bond coat, to prevent the propagation of cracks and other associated damage to asphalt surfaces.
  • What is a PMB emulsion bond coat?
    A polymer modified bitumen (PMB) emulsion bond coat is similar to the conventional K-series of water based cationic bitumen emulsion with the additional benefit of a polymer additive to increase viscosity, usability and performance.
  • What are the advantages of PMB bitumen emulsion bond coat?
    Moisture barrier / sealing system Excellent bonding & interlock of paving layers Prevents rain / oxygen penetration Lower and safer operating temperature Surface moisture tolerant Allows for repositioning Readily available Universally approved by all manufacturers
  • Do I need to apply a bitumen bond coat on to the asphalt reinforcement?
    No, once the asphalt reinforcement has been installed and has cured, the asphalt overlay may commence. The PMB emulsion bond coat used to install the asphalt reinforcement will ‘bleed’ through and create a bond with the overlaying asphalt layer.
  • How long will it take to install?
    An average installation output carried out by our team, is 750-1000m2 per hour.
  • When can I start to overlay the asphalt reinforcement?
    The asphalt overlay can commence once the PMB emulsion bond coat has cured, usually 30 minutes from time of installation.
  • Can asphalt reinforcement be installed on any surface?
    Our products can be installed on any surface that meets the conditions described in the Installation Method.
  • What about Health & Safety guidelines when using your products?
    When using our products, always follow the guidelines and advice described in the product Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) certificate.
  • What applications can asphalt reinforcement be used?
    Driveways Access roads Highways, A, B and C Industrial parks and hard standings Ports, airports and airfields Car, bus, truck parks and terminals Retail and leisure facilities Race circuits and tracks
  • Are your products manufactured and certified to industry standards?
    Yes, all our products are manufactured to the highest industry standards and are UKCA marked.
  • How is it installed, can I do it?
    Our products can be installed by our team of experts who are trained, qualified and experienced in this specialist service. However, for private individual projects, installation can be completed following the Method Statement and COSHH certificate guidelines and advice.
  • Does it really work?
    Yes, all of our products have a proven case history over many decades, around the world.
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