AlfaMesh® GR-G pavement reinforcement and moisture barrier system consists of a high modulus, mechanically bonded continous glass fibre filaments coated with an elastomeric polymer. The glass fibres are polyester is stitched to a 100g non-woven, staple fibre, needle-punched polypropylene geotextile. A quality management system according to BE EN 15381:200, ISO 9001:2008 is used with the objective to achieve complete customer satisfaction.


Non-weather dependent


Reduces and protect against rutting


Slows the fatigue of asphalt

Optimum bitumen retention prevents rain and oxygen from penetration


Protects longitudinal joints when widening existing roads

High load-uptake at low strain


Increases service life cycle of pavements


Prevents cracks when overlaying concrete


Only adverse weather conditions will stop installation and paving operations.

Delays the development of alligator cracks

Can be installed on all surface types


Reduces thickness of asphalt courses

Recyclable and environmentally friendly

Provides uniform bonding between old surface and new asphalt layers

Makes reconstruction of damaged roads possible


AlfaMesh® GR-G 50

Specifically designed to meet the needs of lower cost, lower strength applications.

AlfaMesh® GR-G 100

Mechanically bonded continuous glass fibre filaments, impregnated with a plastic sizing agent.

AlfaMesh® GR-G 200

Specifically designed for use in spot repairs on pavements and roadways including concrete joints.

AlfaMesh® GR-G protects asphalt against rutting. Over time certain asphalt courses become marked with ruts under cyclic load. By simply placing a new asphalt overlay on top of such pavement, future rutting will be inevitable, longitudinal deformations will soon appear on the surface. A practice generally used for such pavements is to remove the liable course completely. If asphalt grids are used, planing of elevated areas only is required; the course having inclination to rutting will stay in place. The protection provided by the asphalt grid to the asphalt course with inclination to rutting results in a six times increase in service life.

AlfaMesh® GR-G slows the fatigue of asphalt. Fatigue that causes very quick failure of the pavement through infiltrated water. AlfaMesh® GR-G delays the development of reflective cracking.The deformation of rigid road bases resulting from thermal expansion will damage the overlaying asphalt courses, even on roads with no traffic load. The only right solution is the use of AlfaMesh® GR-G asphalt grids that increase the service life of semi-rigid road structures six times.

AlfaMesh® GR-G creates an impermeable membrane; grids must be laid into bitumen emulsion during installation. Bitumen emulsion and the bitumen from the overlaying asphalt fully saturate the geotextile carrier layer of the grid, blocking water channels and water can not damage the road base.